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  • Коментар към: Начало Very nice service for this hotel inaugurated in 2011 and right on the south beach of Pomorie. Rooms and studios are with fully equipped kitchen (washing machine, stove, microwave, kettle). The bed was king size and very comfortable. Daily maid service was impeccable. The hotel staff was very kind and professional, especially the waiters in the restaurant (ask for Todor or Aleksandar!). For the restaurant: excellent price/quality ratio, the breakfast is very rich and delicious. Pool: clean, quiet, very comfortable chairs. We were very pleased to spend our vacation at this hotel! For us, the hotel worth its 4 stars.

  • Коментар към: Начало Прекрасен хотел с невероятно красива гледка към морето .Усмихнат и много любезен персонал . Чистота , топлина и уют . Благодаря за прекрасното време което прекарах тук .

  • Коментар към: Начало Страхотен хотел! Адмирации!

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